Over the past two decades, I have worked continuously as a freelance food stylist in the Baltimore area. My primary client has been The Baltimore Sun, although I have done some styling for other publications and for an occasional commercial client. My focus over the years has been editorial work, which has provided me tremendous artistic freedom and creativity.

When I first started styling for The Baltimore Sun, all the food photography was shot in the paper’s photography studio. Its minimally equipped kitchen meant I had to prepare the food at home, and then transport it, along with all the necessary props, to the studio. When even that studio was downsized for budgetary reasons, I started doing all the photo shoots in my home kitchen or on location. During my time at the Sun, I have worked with most of the newspaper’s staff photographers; I have always been responsible for both the food and prop styling of any image assigned to me.

Since 2004, I have also written a weekly, nationally syndicated food column for The Baltimore Sun called Recipe Finder. The column features recipe requests from around the country (family favorites, restaurant entrées, old-fashioned dishes) and reader-provided responses, which I research, test, and then write about. The column has proven to be a wonderful outlet for my interest in the history of food and recipe development and cooking in general.


  • Food Styling
  • Prop Styling
  • Recipe Development and Research
  • Photo Editing and Research
  • Location Scouting
  • Home Staging